I am a landscape designer and land stewardship consultant based in Columbia County NY with a background in horticulture and garden design.

My lifelong love and exploration of the natural world has me taught me that by nurturing healthy plant and wildlife communities we benefit not only the species that take residence there, but we also become deeply connected and richly rewarded by the landscape itself.

 In our changing ecosystem and climate it's important that the designed landscape is resilient and adaptable to new and unexpected challenges.  I believe it's critical to design a landscape that conserves water, limits chemicals, fertilizers and builds healthy soils. 

My signature design style is informal with ethereal grasses and wildflowers to create spaces that connect the domestic residence with the larger landscape. All of my designs feature native plants to attract and feed beneficial insects and wildlife. 

I can create inviting personal spaces that embrace plant textures and color, give year round interest to the landscape and enhance views. I can help you to screen neighboring properties and develop paths, walks, patios and stone features that flow and complement the residence.  I offer management consulting for native woodlands and meadows, oversee invasive plant removal and healthy native plant habitat establishment.